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I ran a facebook competition to find a model to do a dance shoot with, and I asked for people to nominate their favourite dancer with a reason why they should win. I ended up with way more entries than I first anticipated and I chose five rather than one!

Ten year old Lola was nominated by her Mum, Steph, who wrote

“Aww what a lovely prize! 😍
I would love to nominate my daughter, Lola. She absolutely loves to dance and trains in most styles. She is kind and caring, and tries her best at everything she does, she would be so excited to be chosen for this opportunity 💖 “

Her entry stood out to me immediately. Steph had sent a selection of images of Lola dancing, and she was obviously very talented with serious skills. But dancers don’t get that good without training exceptionally hard. I was very happy to name her as one of the winners.

Before a shoot, I create a pinterest mood board to share ideas with everyone involved. I found an image with a pink and purple background, which I thought would be perfect for Lola. Between us, we came up with lots of ideas for shapes, jumps, poses etc to ensure we were prepared.

Lola practically bounced into the studio! She was fun, bubbly and confident, I knew it would be a good shoot. We looked through the costumes they had brought, and picked out the ones best suited to the shoot. I learned a little about Lola’s dance journey. She had joined a ballet class at the age of two, and had been a competitive freestyle dancer, where she had achieved champ level. And as I have learned about most dancers, she is a perfectionist.

To create the pink/purple background, I used coloured gels on the background lights and a grey backdrop to intensify the colour. We had picked out two costumes for this background, a pink two piece and a purple leotard.

After this, we had a break, and I changed the background to black. Lola had brought a stunning yellow, two piece costume with a skirt that I knew would look amazing against the black. The material of the skirt was a beautiful light chiffon, and I wanted to capture the movement of the material as well as Lola’s amazing jumps! She really was fantastic in this section, trying different ways to move to get the best out of the costume she was wearing.

The final change was into another gorgeous pink two piece. I pretty much allowed Lola to dictate this part of the shoot. She knew exactly what shots she wanted to get, and had a really fun idea of doing a ‘quick fire’ of ten shots with ten different poses, where her personality really shone through.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lola, and her Mum. As well as being completely blown away by Lola’s skill set for someone so young, she was an absolute sweetheart to work with. I would look forward to shooting with her again.