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After experimenting with different genres and styles, I found myself most comfortable in the studio, producing portraits. From this, I developed a passion for dance photography after being a dedicated ‘dance mum’ for many years, originally photographing my daughters at competitions, shows and in class.

Taking the dancers into the studio gave me the control over the lighting I desired, and allowed me to create a portfolio of photographs showcasing dancers hitting shapes and extensions while they moved at speed.

The technical challenge of capturing very quick movement, along with the lighting challenges, have helped develop my photography style, creating distinctive images.

From there, I wanted to be able to create studio style images on location, utilising the same lighting skills to create unique and vibrant images that captured the unique essence of each dancer. The images have helped create a demand for my work in other areas, such as the competitions and events, where my team can provide an all encompassing service, including print on site. Again, the emphasis is on providing studio quality images for the competitors and organisers.